24 Hour Fast Emergency Hot Water Heater Repair Service

Most hot water emergencies occur at the worst possible times – not during office hours. This is why we offer 24-hour fast emergency water heater repair services and installation. It has become a vital resource for Las Vegas home and business owners. However, it is important to note that not all repair services offer their services around the clock, so in such an emergency, it is important to call a round-the-clock repair service. We offer 24-hour services, so when you call us, we will immediately let you know how long it will take us to get to you based on your location.

What to do during emergencies

When your water heater malfunctions or acts strange, the first thing you want to do is to minimize any potential risk or damage that could occur. For instance, a water heater that is overheating, performing unusually or making strange noises should never be allowed to keep running. The problem could worsen the longer you allow the water heater to keep running, and this could lead to leaking, flooding or worse. It is important to turn off the water heater even if one of our emergency water heater repair contractors is on the way.

Leaking and burst water heaters

Leaking hot water is a common emergency that could lead to a lot of damage if not handled quickly. We find that it helps when home and business owners understand what causes such leaks. Water heaters typically have a glass-lined storage tank. Natural minerals found in water calcify over time, creating deposits inside the tank. These deposits are responsible for the water leaks as they crack the glass lining of the tank. In addition, the expansion of water when it is heated could also be responsible for water heater leaks as this expansion creates stress on the glass lining, causing it to crack.

The early hours of the morning or late at night are the most common times for hot water heater tanks to leak or sometimes burst. This is as a result of the water pressure in the tank being highest at this time because the water is not in use. The first thing you need to do is immediately turn the breaker that operates the water heater off. If it is a gas heater, you also need to turn off the gas main and contact us immediately. You can also call us if you are unsure about what you need to do; an expert contractor will walk you through the emergency actions you need to take as you wait for one of our contractors to get to you.

Leaking gas

Leaking gas is an emergency requiring immediate repair, so if you smell gas, contact us immediately so the problem is handled appropriately. Our contractors are highly trained and experienced to deal with gas leaks from water heaters and will immediately identify the source of the problem and have it fixed in no time. However, while it is important to call a professional emergency gas repair service immediately, you also need to turn off the gas supply. This is done by shutting off the valve on the gas line that leads to the water heater. Remember to contact you gas supply company as well.

The following steps are crucial when you need to shut off your water heater during an emergency:

1) Turn off the gas or electricity: For the gas water heater, twist the dial on the thermostat from ON to OFF. For an electric water heater, switch the circuit breaker to OFF.

2) Turn off the water supply: Turn the water valve handle clockwise until it stops. You may also need to turn off the main water valve that serves the entire house if you notice the water keeps running.

3) Drain the water heater: You’ll need a hose that you will attach to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank, and then run the other end to a lower place so that hot water in the water heater can be drained without causing damage. Remember to open one of the hot water faucets in the house to allow air into the tank.

4) Open the relief valve: This can be done by flipping the handle so it sticks straight up or out, but be careful about the hot water as it could cause scalding.

When contacting a 24-hour water heater repair service, it is important to ask about their pricing. When you call us, you can be sure that our price quotes are guaranteed, and you will also receive free estimates. Getting your water heater repaired as soon as possible is important if you want to prevent a disaster or you want to avoid losing a lot of your hard-earned money. This is why we believe that any heating repair you need should be treated as urgent. Call us today on 702-727-8181 for all your water heater emergency repairs.